The Ten

From The Advocate, the world’s leading source of LGBTQ news, and hosted by Editor-in-Chief, Zach Stafford, The Ten is a weekly look at news and culture through a queer lens. Stafford, alongside reporters and contributors, brings queer voices to the forefront while diving deep into the stories that matter. Because if we are 10% of the population then we should be 10% of every story, right?

Jonathan Hirsch
Bag Man

Is it possible to have one of the most brazen political bribery scandals in American history play out before the country while nobody’s paying attention? Production and editorial support from Neon Hum Media.

Jonathan Hirsch
It Seemed Smart

Enter the amusing, diabolical, and entertaining world of sports trickery and mayhem. Produced for SB Nation and Vox Media by Jonathan Hirsch for Neon Hum Media.

Jonathan Hirsch
Pod Save America

A series of profile stories on democratic congressional candidates in the weeks leading up to the 2018 midterm elections. Produced by Neon Hum Media in collaboration with Crooked Media

Jonathan Hirsch
Fox Screen Dive

Host Anna Van Valin explores Twentieth Century Fox’s rich history through discussion of some of its most iconic films with the people who made them. Produced in collaboration with Midroll Media.

Jonathan Hirsch
Lenny Says

A Spotify Original podcast dedicated to showcasing stories, essays, and art by and for women. Production and editorial support for season 2 of Lenny Says from Neon Hum Media.

Jonathan Hirsch
Halloween Unmasked

‘Halloween Unmasked’ is an eight-part podcast series from The Ringer celebrating the remarkable and terrifying phenomenon of America’s most revolutionary horror film, 'Halloween'. A Ringer / Neon Hum Media co-production.

Jonathan Hirsch

UNINTERRUPTED's original podcast takes you inside the "DO" mindset of the world's top athletes live from Nike's Just DO It Headquarters in Los Angeles. Production and editorial support from Neon Hum Media.

Jonathan Hirsch
Dr. Death

 From Wondery, DRDEATH is about a medical system that failed to protect these patients at every possible turn. Production and editorial support provided by Jonathan Hirsch and Pallavi Kottamasu of Neon Hum Media.

Jonathan Hirsch
Remade In America

Join Bassem Youssef, formerly an Egyptian satirical talk show host often called the "Jon Stewart of Egypt" who recently arrived in the United States, as he explores being an outsider in America figuring out what it means to belong.

Elaine Chernov